FBRH GRI mock exam

FBRH online mock exam – Exclusive for FBRH GRI Certified Training Participants

Because the learning in the FBRH GRI Standards Certified, IEMA & CIM Recognised Course is intense, we strive to help participants reinforce the knowledge they have gained.

Participants will be able to take this 60-minute online mock exam as many times as they wish during 90 days (additional time can be added upon request).
Test results are provided, so participants can see their progress.

* The FBRH mock exam is not part of the GRI-Certified course. No certificate is awarded by FBRH. The FBRH online mock exam will be a good tool for participants in the FBRH Standards Certified, IEMA & CIM Recognised course to reinforce the knowledge they have gained during the course.

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