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★★★★★ Over 50 reviews

The reviews provide key insights regarding the courses' high quality and the value you will gain.


"I was particularly impressed by how Simon managed to engage everyone, especially in this Covid-19 online teaching."

Dr Renata Konadu
(De Montfort University)

"The ZOOM setting worked very well."

Mylene Hours-Makris
(Global Sustain)

"I really enjoyed the course and it helped me in my first contact with the GRI Standards. Really practical examples. Thanks!"

Belen Lopez Lugilde
Manager Global Audit
(Heineken Global)

"It was the best intense course I have ever taken!"

I learned a lot without getting confused or becoming exhausted."

Azar Safari
(Leiden University)

"You can know nothing about GRI Standards and in 2 days you will be ready to advise clients or run a reporting project for your company."

Laurence Cox
(Salterbaxter, an MSL Company)

"Thank you very much. It was a life-changing course for me."

Prof. Venancio Tauringana
(Professor & Head of Department of Accounting, Southampton University)

"I really enjoyed the course. Very helpful for everyone approaching the GRI Standards. Thank you!"

Maria Cristina Cifala
(Walgreens Boots Alliance)

"A big thank you for last week’s training. All my training objectives were met."

Johanna Tähtinen
(World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

"A very informative course ideal for everyone involved in GRI reporting. I have been providing answers for GRI reporting for the last 4 years but it was really good to properly understand the context of the questions and how my answers are included in the overall report"

Avril Johnston
SP Energy Networks (ScottishPower part of the Iberdrola Group)

"Very pleased to achieve this important goal to ensure all my non-financial reports integrate adequately Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. Thanks to Simon Pitsillides and all FBRH Consultants Ltd team for their effort adapting this programme (for remote learning) and ensuring that each participant gained maximum value from this enriching experience."

David Curbelo Pérez, PhD
Linkedin post

"The course was very interesting, and despite the fact that remote learning was applied (using ZOOM), you succeeded in involving us in a very useful and stimulating discussion on the issue. A really value-added training."

Dr Cecilia Puppo
(Qoncert Srl)

"I must say that the training exceed all my expectations! Simon is an extremely well prepared teacher. His lessons leads you in a comfortable space and you feel extremely confident in asking every questions because he is always helpful. Moreover he can teach you the importance of the GRI! Thanks Simon"

Dr Marina Mainini
(Studio Mainini)

"Thank you again for structuring this course in a way that educated us on all the aspects of reporting progressively, over three days."

Sriram Sridharan
(Qoncert Srl)

"This course provided a great learning outcome! I now feel well prepared to assist my clients in sustainability reporting."

Mari Ziesler Andenæs

"This was all I needed to kick start GRI reporting."

Stella Stoycheva
(Yordas Group)

"Thank you for the course. It was informative and done at the right pace. I don’t have any outstanding issues - everything was well covered!"

Jasper Crone

"The FBRH GRI Standards Certified, IEMA and CIM recognised course (Feb. 2020 edition) has been a great and extremely enriching experience. After this first contact with the GRI Standards I feel now confident and prepared to start reporting according to the Standars. Perfect first step on your organisation's journey to sustainability reporting!"

Elisa Orbañanos Hernando
(Fundación Entreculturas

"Very helpful course - would recommend to everyone thinking about reporting according to GRI standards"

Vigdis Guðjohnsen

"The training sessions enabled me to take our GRI report to the next level. Simon is knowledgeable and very helpful - an excellent teacher. I truly recommend this course by FBRH!"

Sara Hauge

"This course met my expectations, I plan to start my report soon"

Helga Steinthorsdottir

"The FBRH GRI Standards Certified, IEMA and CIM recognised course is a must for anyone setting out on their GRI journey for the first time. Course trainer Simon places you at ease and gives you the tools and confidence you need to begin reporting right away!"

Steven Carter
(Croda international Plc)

"Useful for seasoned sustainability experts and novices alike, this two-day course provides the perfect introduction to GRI reporting. FBRH's Simon is an excellent and very thorough instructor."

Edward Harris
(Eyetalk Communications)

"I now feel like the subject matter expert on sustainability reporting within my organisation and feel qualified to deliver our first standalone sustainability report."

Kate Prangnell

"A very well structured and content rich course, Simon makes it easy to get through the complex concepts and provides enough colour to put things into perspective and real life scenarios."

Marina Bradford

"The course is really approachable even for those who are not in communication nor have previous expertise in sustinability reporting."

Chiara Tramutoli

"The training provided was comprehensive and thoroughly covered the subject of GRI reporting."

Kathryn Ogden
(SUEZ recycling & recovery UK)

"If you are serious about providing your business with a high-quality sustainability report which meets the GRI Standards, I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon Pitsillides to guide you through this process."

Erik Gilmore
(BAMA Gruppen AS)

"This was a very engaging and useful training; the presenter was very engaged and emphasised on many occasions the gravity of the sustainability challenges and our responsibility to take the right actions. Thank you for being so direct and clear."

Helene L. Løvold
(Travel Retail Norway AS - Duty Free Shops)

"This course was a great introduction to the GRI Standards and an excellent guide on how to recognise and write a robust sustainability report. Simon was knowledgeable, patient, and great at explaining the GRI Standards in the context of broader sustainability issues of the day."

Sophie Jewett

"It was two very intensive days of learning, with an engaged and dedicated presenter, doing the outmost to help us through the GRI, making us feel like experts afterwards"

Paul Martin Hosen
(Arcus Norway AS)

"Great teacher with good experience. Going to this course is a great way to start or continue with your sustainability journey."

Hlédís Sigurðardóttir
(Arion Bank)

"Simon is a very experienced practitioner and trainer with years of experience that he is happy to share, which really brought the training to life. He always had time to speak with me no matter how many questions I asked!"

Samantha Wilson

"Thank you very much for a very insightful training last week. You made the content and process very clear and easy to understand!
I would definitely recommend FBRH & Simon for GRI Standards Certified Training. Simon is very knowledgeable, clear, engaging and supportive. The course is very well-balanced, going through the content and allowing enough time for concretely studying and benchmarking sustainability reports, as well as for asking questions."

Mylene Hours-Makris
(Global Sustain)

"The FBRH GRI Standards Certified, IEMA and CIM recognised course gave me a great foundation and skills in order for me to undertake a future assessment when a client requests this. In addition we learnt of the importance of understanding a business value chain and the power of action against climate change."

Michelle Obee

"The FBRH 2-day GRI Standards Certified, IEMA and CIM recognised course provided excellent guidance, instruction and practical applications regarding the use of the GRI Standards to produce a Sustainability Report. The course included a review of sample sustainability reports, to better understand the type and depth of information required by the GRI Standards.
I would highly recommend the FBRH 2-day GRI Standards Certified, IEMA and CIM recognised course to anyone intending to use the GRI Standards."

Clive Peddar
(Trenitalia c2c Ltd)

"CSR/Sustainability reporting is fast becoming one of the most important elements of the corporate business cycle. This course was exactly what I needed - a brief, yet detailed overview of the GRI reporting process - why there is a need to do it, and how to do it properly. Course content was perfect, and the tutor very knowledgeable. Recommended."

Toby Garwood
(Premier Oil)

"I am very satisfied with this course and particularly about the range of topics, discussions and exercises we managed to cover in only 2 full days.
I highly recommend the course to anyone involved in sustainability reporting. The teacher, Simon, was excellent."

Julie Hamre
(Scatec Solar ASA)

"I highly recommend this training course since it was very informative, with a lot to learn in a short amount of time. The trainer is also very friendly and ensured training was as interactive and interesting as possible."

Omar Hourani

"This is a good course to get a good understanding of the GRI standards"

Sarah - Jane Danchie
(African Center for Economic Transformation)

"An excellent introduction into sustainability reporting."

Alexia Perversi
(Mazars LLP)

"Simon delivered the training with great passion! I will definitely recommend his services."

Tokunbo Ifaturoti
(TAAI Consultancy Ltd)

"I already recommended this course to my colleagues and asked my boss to send anyone needed to this specific course and presenter. I did so because they all understood the great benefits of this course and we now have all we need for GRI-based assessments."

Elisa Dahl

"Both your knowledge of the subject and the course structure have impressed me. I highly recommend the FBRH GRI Standards Certified, IEMA and CIM recognised course to potential participants."

Kyriacos Kyrlitsias
(Petrolina Holdings Public Ltd)

"Thank you for providing us with a great course! It was truly two very interesting and educational days."

Amalie Gøperød

"Excellent course and trainer!
Fits all levels of experience."

Embla Kirkemoen
(Leroy Seafood Group)

"A very useful day, teaching about the importance of SDG inclusion in annual reporting."

Lucy Roberts
(Bridgnorth Aluminium)

"Thank you very much for doing such a great job at the course - I went from zero to hero."

Auste Valikonyte
(Sun Investment Group)

"Excellent GRI training course with Simon Pitsillides that provides a great basis for further reporting efforts!"

Georg Präauer
(Hallvarsson & Halvarsson)

"Very efficient training due to the combination of action learning (case studies), a thorough presentation of the GRI Standards and a great trainer."

Thue Birk
(Green Network A/S)

"The training course provided by FRBH Consultants Ltd is 'The course' you need to put you on the right path to transition, in the new way (with the GRI Standards). They also have the means to take you further."

Kevin Tuke
(Epta Group S.p.A)

"I'm feeling much more confident to provide aid to my customers about GRI reporting and how to go forward and improve it."

Jouni Ahtiainen
(Lucrativo ltd)

"I would like to recommend this course for everyone who is involved in sustainability."

Olga Mayorova
(Petropavlovsk PLC)

"Thanks for a phenomenal training!
Simon Pitsillides is an excellent trainer on the GRI Standards and is fully committed to equip attendants with the knowledge and skills to audit and prepare high quality, concise sustainability reports that can be proudly shared across media channels and pass the transparency test of stakeholders through appropriate consultation and communication"

Rosario Galvan
(Sustainability Consultant)

"A very good and effective GRI Standards Certified training course for sustainability reporting. All well-arranged and excellent knowledge and valuable aspects given by the trainer. I feel I got a thorough package of ambitious GRI reporting."

Sonja Miettinen
(Lucrativo Sustainable Solutions)

"The training day on SDGs run by Simon was excellent. It dealt efficiently and effectively with a complex area and he shed light on the challenges and opportunities very well.
(FBRH GRI Certified Course "Integrating the SDGs into your reporting process")"

Paul Mansell
(MD - PhD Researcher, Impaqt consulting)


Companies across the globe that report in
accordance to the GRI Standards

Below is a list by sector of companies and organisations that are using GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Standards for their sustainability reporting. Please click on the title of the sector to expand.

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